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Ipseita Labs provides executive development services, and executive and academic educational product creation services, including syllabus, course, course module, seminar and workshop development about the digital domain.  If you wish to discuss these services please contact us.

The Digital Acumen programme is Ipseita Lab’s flagship public offering for executive and entrepreneur development, based on our extensive experience in defining and implementing digitisation and digitalisation solutions and the teaching philosophy described here.

Andragogy & Pedagogy

The cohort type for each course is different, and the teaching approach and techniques must be matched to the cohort type to give the best experience and learning.

Teachers often use the word ‘pedagogy’ to describe their approach and techniques, a word which means ‘leading children’.  Ipseita blends andragogic approaches and techniques – leading adults – in order to achieve the best match to the cohort type.

Executive development is an important part of organisational development, human capital management and talent management, but it often falls short in practice. Executives, with their practical experience, competing priorities, extreme time pressure and need to deliver tangible results rapidly, require a rather different approach to full time undergraduates.

Holistic & Systematic

Ipseita Lab’s approach is to consider first the full context of the development requirements, to understand, in depth, the range of new competencies and capabilities that learners want to be delivered.  We consider the constraints on the cohort type, such as time availability, location and supervision, and their expected prior knowledge and experience.

We adopt a systems-based approach to the teaching techniques and content.  We recognise that to achieve depth in a subject and to be able to exploit knowledge effectively requires an acceptance of non-linear study progression. 

Ipseita Labs has a deep appreciation for complexity and dynamic adaptive environments, and we tailor our content and approaches for pragmatic application by learners in their real world.


In a rapidly changing world, imposing huge information processing requirements on the learner, sensemaking, becomes the core skill needed to maintain the ability to keep up.

Embedding sensemaking, which includes critical thinking, domain language acquisition, concept assimilation, and systems thinking, is core a aspect of our approach.

Sensemaking is a skill that can be taught, acquired and practised, and the intention of development of enhanced sensemaking skills must underpin any educational or professional development activity.

Feasibility, delivery management and social impacts

The Fourth Turning, The Digital Revolution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or The Great Reset – whatever you call it – it is clear that we have a time of immense change ahead of us.

Any active participant in this change must be concerned about knowing the feasibility of deploying new technologies and effectively managing their delivery to accrue the benefits, while being aware of, and proactively managing its social impacts.

These concerns are at the heart of Ipseita Lab’s work.

Our Experience

Ipseita has worked for world renowned organisations and has developed educational and training content and services for commercial use and academic use, for applied masters and doctoral degrees.

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