Diffusing Digital

Our Development Activities

We design protocols and develop software products that we believe can profoundly accelerate achieving our mission to diffuse digital.

If you are inspired by them and wish to use them or contribute towards them, financially or through your industry, or if you would like to discuss them further for any reason, please contact us.

CAIA: Conversational AI Assurance

The future of business communication will soon be as natural as talking to a friend.

A lot like the video below, but interactive: a digital avatar, using visualizations, having a meaningful, informed, and flowing conversation, about any enterprise or personal topic.

Anticipating the evolution of user devices, we’re making a rich pluggable toolkit for conversation designers, with AI as the central technology, not an after-thought.  Our event-driven architecture is for enterprise scale.  So brands can create aligned conversations that help people make high quality choices.

Nymidy: Identity as your most important asset

Ipseita believes that the broad adoption of a flexible, resilient, self-sovereign, identity protocol will accelerate the diffusion of digital. As the digital age accelerates, and processes become more automated, identity, and how we assert, control and secure our identity, will become of critical importance. The ability to assert our identity without interference or coercion is a human right, an asset to prized at the very highest level. Identity connects intimately with privacy, reputation and trust, and provides the foundations of greatly improved legal and commercial systems.

We think this ability to assert our identity is too important to be left in the hands of any centralised organisation.  Thus, the solution must be self-sovereign, and the platform infrastructure that supports a self-sovereign identity needs to run autonomously and be censor-proof, open-access, and run at a global scale, much like Bitcoin – but with the security, capacity and performance to support the privately-owned big data generated by at least 12 billion people.

Nymidy is the vital core of our thinking and motivation, it is our stretch goal. It is an audacious goal that aims to put individuality back into the hands of the individual through a unique approach to self-sovereign identity — for all the world’s citizens.  Nymidy is a combination of trustless decentralised networking solutions, data science, big data, cryptography and automated market-making that provides the solution.

The Nymidy protocol and solution is on the edge of being technologically feasible.  The project is currently in a research and advocacy phase, however it continues to inspire new technology thinking and create innovations for Ipseita and its partners.


A new layer of the Internet is emerging – a decentralised, programmable layer – due to new cryptographic primitives and protocols, exponential reductions in the cost of processing power, investor and business buy-in, and a motivated developer community.

However, for the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and utility crypto-coins, like Ethereum, and for DeFi (Decentralised Finance) to take off, access to the development and testing of smart contracts needs to be available to more than the technical-elite.

SCRAD is a toolset to address that problem, focusing on applying smart contracts to the domain of commercial ecosystem orchestration.

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